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Membership Thank You Meeting

SOHPEC's Board of Directors wish to thank you for your participation in the January 19th membership meeting at RCC. We received valuable input regarding the needs of our members and plan to use the information as a basis for developing and delivering self-sustaining programs to assist members companies in achieving bottom-line outcomes. These include increased competitiveness, increased profitability, improved profit margin and enhanced customer satisfaction.

There were four common themes asserted by the three breakout groups:

  1. Sustaining Change before-and-after reports following events, what works to sustain change)
  2. Peer-Sharing (Kaizen events, tours, simulations)
  3. Training (mentors, students, workforce, develop leadership, teach managers, etc)
  4. Marketing

Discussion included the need for hands-on in-depth training using high-performance techniques including exposure to companies having achieved a competitive edge. Improved networking surfaced as an important tool in leveraging unique skills within membership companies. Shared reporting of members company's progress and success stories were high on the agenda. Also linking business with higher education to programs such as apprenticeships and curriculum.

SOHPEC's website ( is being updated to include minutes of Board Meetings and 2007 Calendar of Events. On the subject of events, Sweed Machinery, Inc. is hosting a Leaning Tour on February 23rd. We encourage members to take advantage of the opportunity to host Leaning Tours or Kaizen Workshops at their locations. During the coming year SOHPEC Board of Directors will aggressively pursue expanding its membership in Southern Oregon and continue to offer training and implementation of high-performance programs for the mutual benefit of its members. 

We thank Tom Smith, President, Clear-Work, Inc. for facilitating the meeting. Under Tom's guidance, we accomplish much in the limited time available. You will be notified of the next SOHPEC Membership Meeting on May 22. This will provide an opportunity to review progress with topics that were raised at the meeting on January 19th.

Thank you to the membership for your continued support and cooperation.

Lowell Gibson, President, SOHPEC

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