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SOHPEC Overview

SOHPEC focus is “lean,” but not “mean!”

Lean not Mean

Lean is about winning…
about outperforming the competition
in every stage of your enterprise.

Lean is High Performance…
from the front office… to the production line… to marketing, sales and customer service.

Lean is not about cutting jobs…
but about cutting out wasteful, unnecessary steps… about being three times more productive…
and twice as profitable.

What is a High Performance Enterprise?

High Performance

A High Performance Enterprise is an inclusive term incorporating many existing theories and approaches to business enhancement including,
but not limited to:

  • “Lean Thinking”
  • “Lean Manufacturing”
  • “Lean Office”
  • “Lean Accounting”
  • Lean Sigma
  • Product/ Service Value Definition and Specification
  • Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination
  • Kaikaku (radical process improvement)
  • Kaizen (continuous, incremental improvement)
  • Total Flow Management
  • Pull Driven Operations
  • Organizational Transparency
  • Employee involvement, training and empowerment
  • Trust and common-interest based partnerships, networks, alliances, and relationships
  • High Performance Enterprises feature customer-centric vision, value-oriented products and services, radically-enhanced productivity, dramatic waste reduction, and continuing perfection of process and product.

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