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Goals and Services

Round Table Forums

The Consortium’s Organizational Goals

  • Develop a strong infrastructure of diverse businesses supporting a common goal of enterprise excellence.
  • Learning by Observing—an organizational touring and review process that allows members to share successful programs with each other.
  • Roundtables—Provide opportunities for member and non-member organizations to gather by cluster or common interest to explore key issues and identify essential steps that need to be taken for businesses to remain competitive in today’s local/regional/national/global economies.
  • Provide forums for the exchange of information on the best, most cost and resource effective practices and processes
  • Seminars—Bringing advanced ideas and approaches from nationally and internationally-recognized experts.
  • Construct a challenging environment for developing and defining benchmarks for high performance in every aspect of enterprise operation.
  • Improve access to expanded capital, service, educational, developmental, and human resources.
  • A Consortium Information Center—Featuring a SOHPEC website providing members the best possible high-performance, enterprise-related information, and embedded links that transport users externally to key companies, websites, and additional research materials.
  • Establishing performance benchmarks for every aspect of enterprise efforts.


Helping Members Find Resources and Support

  • High Performance Education Modules—Instruction developed around practical business needs and offered asynchronously to overcome traditional barriers to participation in continuing education without excessively burdening the individual or the organization. The format of such courses should provide working professionals the opportunity to participate in rich educational programs anytime, anywhere.
  • Promote Resource Alliances—Bringing college faculty, students and business owners together in non-traditional settings, internships providing businesses with low-cost services to help them grow and enlivening the educational environment with hands-on experience. Creating technology transfer projects among members, suppliers and customers. Building relationships with Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc (SOREDI), Oregon State Economic Development Department, Rogue Community College (RCC), Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT), Southern Oregon University (SOU), Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP), and The Job Council.

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