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Membership Requirements

What is Expected of Members?

Membership is open to organizations of any size and type that are willing to commit to and meet the criteria set forth in the following guidelines. Companies with multiple plant locations or businesses may be required to have (at the discretion of the Board of Directors) separate memberships for each unit participating in the Consortium. Expectations of members include, but are not limited to:

  • Help develop and continually refine a company assessment tool for each member organization to use to evaluate its operations from top to bottom and all its vendor relationships to identify areas needing improvement;
  • Originally assess where their organization stands on the “world scale;”
  • Develop a restructuring, training, and implementation plan for their organization—typically of multiple-year duration, to meet world class standards;
  • Participate in application process for grants to further the operational goals of the coalition and its training and educational efforts.
  • Designate one individual to be its representative to the Consortium (and appoint a deputy to cover during times of critical decision-making when the principle representative is not available).
  • Host SOHPEC events. (Costs of such events will be divided evenly between attendees with non-members to be charged a premium to attend.)
  • Regular participation of organization staff in Consortium events.
  • Prompt payment of any membership dues and event fees.
  • Provide facilities for SOHPEC-sponsored meetings, training classes, and workshops
  • Provide educational content, presentation preparation, and instructor/leaders when they have needed expertise for any of the events, meetings, training sessions, or workshops described above
  • Member representative’s are to be involved in major SOHPEC events
  • Participate to achieve the Consortium’s Vision and Missions
  • Promptly respond to Consortium surveys and request for data (for benchmarking)
  • Contribute brief summaries of progress, articles, and information for Consortium web-site, brochures, and newsletters

Cost of Membership

  • Full Membership: See Schedule
  • Associate Membership: $100/quarter

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